This is something of a work in progress, but since it’s likely to be a work in progress for a long time, I’m going to post about it now and update later.

I’ve long wanted to map out ‘my’ NWR, and various places along the route, to work out what kind of traffic sources and destinations I have, and plan my timetables and traffic requirements appropriately.

Which leads me to this – a map of ‘my’ Tidmouth. If it looks familiar, that’s because the basis for it is an old map of Southampton, mirrored and turned on its side. That’s why a lot of the writing is still back to front….

The big NWR station is visible in the centre right, with the NWR main line striking out towards Knapford in a cutting. The loco sheds are at the station throat, next to the school!
Opposite the sheds, the docks branch curves away to the exchange sidings. Goods trains are brought in here, where a Tidmouth Docks Authority loco will take over, though some trains like the boat connections work straight through from the quayside.
To the West of the station (and accessed via a tunnel underneath) is the gas works. The West Sodor Power and Gas Co.’s little engines can be seen fussing around here. The spur to the hydroelectric generating station carries on up the valley.
South of the Inner Dock stands the imposing bulk of Slugworth’s Chocolate Factory, a major employer in Lower Tidmouth.
To the East, ‘Ocean Dock’ is built on the site of National Shipyard (North) No.1, which in itself was a big part of the line’s expansion during WW1. Now it services transatlantic passenger liners and the ferries to Ireland and the Isle of Man (which formerly docked at Kirk Ronan).
The Arlesburgh branch carries on to the North, over the River Tid. The bridge here has a weight restriction, barring bigger locos from the line. Upper Tidmouth has a small station serving the locals, who like to think of themselves as being on the ‘correct’ side of the river.

Anyway I hope you enjoy this little excursion into cartography!

Here’s Southampton for reference:

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