Or… ‘What’s this all about, then?’

I grew up reading the Rev. Awdry’s Railway Series Books and watching the first two seasons on VHS almost on repeat. The world of trains made a big impact on me and I’d always have a layout project as a kid, none of which were ever finished but they did give me so much joy.

When I grew up a bit after the usual cars/university/raves phases had started to calm down, I wanted to get back into modelling. A chance post on a modelling forum set my mind racing, someone mentioned they would like to see ‘The Island of Sodor, but done almost as if it was a real railway’.

I started making notes in my lunch breaks about how I would go about constructing such a world. The bug had bitten again!

The first model I bought for this project was what would become my version of ‘Gordon’, because it’s based on ‘Flying Scotsman’ and was the most readily available value for money loco I could get, and I figured if I messed it up, no harm done! My NWR fleet now encompasses over 20 creations with many more to come.

I hope you enjoy this foray into freelance fiction, I certainly enjoy creating it!