301 in pre/post war livery
301 in 1940s-era ‘austerity’ livery



NWR Name:
Thomas Allen (after the Manx author)

Wheel Arrangement

London, Brighton and South Coast Railway (1915)


Purchased by NWR

The loco that became 301 was built in 1915 as LB&SCR No.106, but was requisitioned by the war department to work on the building of National Shipyard (North) No.1 and No.2 in WW1. Originally the whole batch of extended tank versions was to be sent, but this was cancelled when an order was placed for smaller Avonside 0-6-0ST locos more suited to the port environment. ‘Thomas Allen’ had already arrived by this time!
It seems the LBSCR did not want it back at the end of the war (having already built a replacement No.106), so it was sold to the NWR. Apparently the LBSCR thought that it would be in such a state when they got it back that they would effectively be building a new one anyway!

The Model

301 is a Sparkshot Custom Creations bodyshell 3D printed in Frosted Ultra Detail and running on a Hornby ‘Thomas’ chassis (China-made, with thinner wheel flanges, no traction tyres etc.). It runs on DC. The lining and lettering is from Fox Transfers.