NWR Name:

Wheel Arrangement

North British Locomotive Company (1929)

Hatt 7P

Withdrawn 1961


Designed and built during Sir Topham Hatt’s tenure as CME, this loco was the first of three ‘Hatt Class Sevens’. Hatt was able to procure drawings from Swindon for the GWR ‘King’ class through his contacts there, and his drawing office used these to design a 4 cylinder locomotive to pull the heaviest expresses, but with more sure-footedness than a Pacific (after the experiences with No.704).
The NWR was persuaded to use Walschaerts valve gear, it is thought that the young Charles Hatt had some say in this.
Construction was contracted to the North British Locomotive Co. due to the success of the ‘Royal Scots’ on the LMS and the new engine, 705 was named ‘Westlin’ after a Sudrian racehorse entered in the Grand National.  It was delivered in the summer of 1929, with classmates No.706 ‘Thorfinn The Mighty’ and 707 ‘Starstrider’ following in 1930.

Mainly used on express passenger services and boat trains alongside 704 ‘Duke of Gordon’.
In 1961 ‘Westlin’ was in need of major overhaul. It was deemed uneconomical to repair with the powerful 805 ably covering main line duties and 705 was withdrawn.
The model depicts ‘Westlin’ between 1940 and 1961.

The Model

This is a static model built from the leftover parts from my Cathedral project, plus any spares I found in my parts box. It’s named after my partner’s surname with plates from Narrow Planet.
Boiler, tender chassis and loco chassis: GWR King
Cab and safety valves: LMS Stanier Pacific
Tender body, chimney and dome: LMS Black 5
Motion: Walschaerts
Smoke deflectors, under cab pipework and side feed injectors: SR Schools
Smokebox door: LNER A1